Thursday, November 27, 2008 - Andy's Bakugan News Issue 2

Hey everyone, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Weekend! There are not too many things that I like better than a 4 day weekend. I have made a huge amount of updates to Andy's Bakugan page. The first one is I have grabbed an official domain name for the page and it is now called! That should make it easier to remember. So here are the update to the page for this week. Enjoy and Battle on!

  • High Power Bakugan page: I added a new page on high powered high g Bakugans. If you are having trouble with a certain opponent make sure you visit this page for all the latest Bakugans with G ratings over 400, over 500, and yes some even over 600 Gs.

  • Online Bakugan Games: Have you seen some of the new Bakugan online games that have just come out. The first 2 are pretty cool. If you find any other online Bakugan games let me know and I will add them to the site.

  • Bakugan Battle Pack: Added a new Bakugan Battle Pack which comes with 6 Bakugan, 12 cards, and a Bakumat for all your Bakutan Battles.

  • New Bakugan Books: There are several new Bakugan Books that just came out. I have added the Bakugan Create & Trace Book as well as the Bakugan Rule Books.

  • Bakugan Evolve Page has been updated to include some new Chrome Bakugan and other totally cool new Bakugans.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Andy's Bakugan News

Well it continues to be an amazing time for Bakugan. It seems everyday new Bakugan Toys come out on the market. I have just made a ton of updates to Andy's Bakugan page. Probably the biggest changes is the updates to the Bakugan List page which now includes pictures of the Bakugan. I have also added a new page on Bakugan Evolved and Bakugan Translucent.

Over 85 new people have subscribed to Andy's Bakugan page. We will be due our first drawing for free Bakugan toys next weekend so make sure you get your friends to sign up.