Sunday, December 21, 2008 Andy' Bakugan News Issue 5

Only 4 days until Christmas! We have a ton of snow here in Michigan. We even lucked out and had our very first snow day on Friday so Christmas break started early and started off with a little extension. I wanted to give everyone an update on what's new at this week. A ton of new changes for everyone to checkout.

New Bakugan Pictures I received a bunch of really good Bakugan pictures from Matthew that can be seen on the Bakugan Pictures page. Thanks to Matthew for his contribution. If you have any cool Bakugan pictures of your own that you would like me to add to the gallery please send them in. If you keep sending the Bakugan pics I will keep adding them to the gallery.

Bakugan List I have added 4 new Bakugans to the Bakugan list page based on suggestions from the forum. The new Bakugan that I have added include Monarus, Harpus, Diablo, and Ultimate Evolved Dragonoid. Remember if I am missing any Bakugan from this list please just send me an email or leave a note on the forum or message board.

Dual Attribute Bakugan: I added some new pictures to the Dual Attribute Bakugan page. Loose pictures of Dual Attribute Bakugan really seem hard to find so if you have some please email them to me and I will post them on the Dual Attribute page. Also I have determined that Bakuswap is not the same as Dual Attribute. I have figured out with help from the forum contributors that all Dual Attribute Bakugan are Bakuswap, however not all Bakuswap are Dual Attribute. Does that make any sense? Anyway I am rambling on about this.

Sticker and Magnets I recently split the Bakugan Books page into a separate page featuring Bakugan Stickers and Magnets. There are 2 new Bakugan sticker and magnet sets that just came out. Both of them are really nice sets.

Bakuclear and Bakugan Translucent I have also split up the Bakugan Clear and Bakugan Translucent pages. I have added new items to each of these pages.

Bakupear and Pearl Bakugan I did the same thing with the Bakupearl and Pearl Bakugan Pages. I split them into two pages since they really are 2 totally different types of Bakugan toys. I really like the Bakugpearl Ravenoid and the new Bakupear Harpus.

Message Board: As I mention above the new message board is now in full swing and I am getting great help from people like Gabriel and Jeff. If you have any questions, ideas, suggestion, or comments on how to make better just drop them on the message board.

Digg Button: As I mention before I have added a button to the left hand side of the home page. If you are a user I would appreciate the Digg.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. We now have 334 register members to the site and we are getting over 150,000 page views per month to the site. We are looking forward to a great holiday. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next week Battle On!

Sunday, December 14, 2008 Andy's Bakugan News Issue 4

News from I can't believe that it is only 11 days until Christmas. Wow and amazing! I hope everyone has all their Christmas shopping done and is ready for the Christmas Break. I have added a ton of new Bakugan toys to this week. Here are the highlights for this week's Bakugan newsletter.
Updated Bakugan List: The Bakugan list at has been freshly updated this week with 5 new Bakugans. This list continues to be the number one list on Google for Bakugan information. We just added some brand new Bakugan including the new Apollinir, Clayf, Exedra, El Condor, Fortress, Frosch, Lars Lion, Tentaclear, Wavern and really cool Oberus! Look for the new sign on the list. By the way, some of these new Bakugan are called Bakuswap. Anyone know what that means?

Changes at I have added several new pages this weekend or updated older pages in an attempt to help clarify and separate things. Here are the list of improvements to including:
  • Bakuswap - As I mentioned the new Bakuswap just started coming out recently. A whole bunch of new Bakugan characters were introduced with this round of Bakugans.
  • Bakupearl - I separated Bakupearl from the Bakugan Pearl. There appears to be a significant difference in the 2 types of Bakugan. The Bakupearl stuff really doesn't even look like pearl. Why do they call it that? If you can tell me the difference that would be great because I don't know what it is.
  • Bakugan Attributes - I added a Bakugan attributes or colors page. This will allow you to see your favorite Bakugans in all the different attributes or colors that are available.
  • Bakugan Dual Attribute - The new Dual Attribute Bakugans are just arriving on the scene. I really haven't seen a lot of pictures of them so if you find some of them please email them to me. Just click on the link on the botton of the home page for my email link or the contact us form.
  • Bakugan Translucent and Bakuclear - I have separated the Bakugan Translucent and Bakuclear Bakugan on this page. This should make it a little easier to find what is new.
  • Bakugan books: I have updated the Bakugan Books page. Several new books have been released recently there are still a lot of books that are in the pre-order phase. Just a note, becareful on ordering Bakugan books. Some of the stuff is not official Bakugan products, so you might be wise to ask questions to the seller before you buy or bid.
  • Bakugan clothes: New Bakugan pajamas have just been released. These are official Bakugan pajamas it is a 3 pc set which comes in 2 different colors, black and blue. I think they come with a birth certificate or born on date or something official that tells you they are from Vestoria. The really cool part is they are flame resistant. I hope you never need to actually prove if they are. I also recently added the Bakugan Hoodies page. There are lots of cool designs in the Bakugan Hoodies.

Message Board: I have added a new message board to allow a spot for all the Bakugan fans to leave notes, comments, ask questions and hopefully answer questions. I have already posted several questions. If you can help me out and answer these questions that would be great!

Digg Button: I have added a button to the left hand side of the home page. If you are a user I would appreciate the Digg.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. If you have any comments, suggestion or questions just send us a note we would be glad to work on it. We are looking forward to a great holiday. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next week Battle On!

Saturday, December 6, 2008 - Andy's Bakugan News Issue 3

Guess what we picked two prize winners today for Free Bakugan Toys! This weeks winners each won a B2 Bakugan Starter Pack (see picture) which includes 3 Bakugan Battle Brawlers, 3 Bakugan Ability Cards, and 3 Bakugan Metal Gate Cards.

We have had a tremendous response to the site. We are now getting over 150,000 page views per month. We have 250 Bakugan fans signed up as site members and another 150 Bakugan fans that have signed up however have not validated. Make sure you tell your friends that if they sign up they have to validate their account by clicking on the email from Feedburner in order to be eligible to win Free Bakugan Toys!

I have recently added a new section to this page features the imported Bakugan which are from Sega Toys and are direct from Japan. I saw one box of the Bakugan from Sega Toys in Meijer's the other day. You can't even read the box since it is all in Japanese characters. Make sure you visit our new Sega Toys Bakugan page for some really cool Bakugan toys. I have also added some new Translucent Bakugan make sure you check out the Bakgan auctions for these as well.

The new Bakugan Toys just keep coming out however, they can be really hard to find at times. can help you find the hard to get Bakugan toys. We have links to all the hard to find Bakugan toys and we feature all kinds of Bakugan Auctions.

Thanks to all the members and the fans of our site. If you have any comments or questions just send us a note we would be glad to work on it. We are looking forward to a great holiday. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 27, 2008 - Andy's Bakugan News Issue 2

Hey everyone, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Weekend! There are not too many things that I like better than a 4 day weekend. I have made a huge amount of updates to Andy's Bakugan page. The first one is I have grabbed an official domain name for the page and it is now called! That should make it easier to remember. So here are the update to the page for this week. Enjoy and Battle on!

  • High Power Bakugan page: I added a new page on high powered high g Bakugans. If you are having trouble with a certain opponent make sure you visit this page for all the latest Bakugans with G ratings over 400, over 500, and yes some even over 600 Gs.

  • Online Bakugan Games: Have you seen some of the new Bakugan online games that have just come out. The first 2 are pretty cool. If you find any other online Bakugan games let me know and I will add them to the site.

  • Bakugan Battle Pack: Added a new Bakugan Battle Pack which comes with 6 Bakugan, 12 cards, and a Bakumat for all your Bakutan Battles.

  • New Bakugan Books: There are several new Bakugan Books that just came out. I have added the Bakugan Create & Trace Book as well as the Bakugan Rule Books.

  • Bakugan Evolve Page has been updated to include some new Chrome Bakugan and other totally cool new Bakugans.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Andy's Bakugan News

Well it continues to be an amazing time for Bakugan. It seems everyday new Bakugan Toys come out on the market. I have just made a ton of updates to Andy's Bakugan page. Probably the biggest changes is the updates to the Bakugan List page which now includes pictures of the Bakugan. I have also added a new page on Bakugan Evolved and Bakugan Translucent.

Over 85 new people have subscribed to Andy's Bakugan page. We will be due our first drawing for free Bakugan toys next weekend so make sure you get your friends to sign up.