Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bakugan News from Issue 10

Bakugan News: Well it has been a while since I have written a new issue of Andy's news like since March. OMG and I am sorry. I have been wrapped up in another project and it really dominated my time, mea culpa. So anyway here we go and with what's new at since my last newsletter.
Bakugan Prices Question: First of all I have a question for everyone. Do you think the prices of Bakugan have fallen? I really think the availability of the Bakugan in the stores and the shear quantity of different types of Bakugan has overwhelmed us all. Email me your comments please.
Bakugan Bronze Attack: I just added the Bakugan Bronze Attack to the site. They are really cool Bakugan that have Bronze colored features and the best part is that they have special abilities. This is a special edition from Wal-Mart stores.
Maxus Drago Combo: Have you seen the Bakugan Combiner or Combos. Maxus Drago is a 7 in 1 ultimate battle brawler. There an now 3 versions of the multi-figure combiners or combo. With some of the packs you combine up to 7 Bakugan into a monster battle brawler. The 3 versions of the combo Bakugans are the Maxus Drago, Meta Altair, and Meta Helios.

Bakusteel: I have added the special edition Bakusteel to the site. This is a limited edition only 1000 available. Get yours while they last. Along with the introduction of the Bakusteel version the brought out a new Bakugan the Moskeeto. A picture of Moskeeto is shown below. Moskeeto has now been added to the Bakuneon list page.

Bakugan Video Games: I think everyone has been waiting like forever for the Bakugan Video games to come up. The Bakugan video games are now available by pre-order only. Hopefully the Bakugan video games will get to the stores soon. Spin Master's needs to give the programming nerds more coffee or Red Bull or Monster or 5 hour energy or something so they can get the Bakugan Video Games done faster. The cool part is the Bakugan video games will be released in all formats including Nintendo Wii and DS, Playstation 2 & 3, and Xbox 360. It looks like we will have to wait until October to get a chance to play the game. forum & message board: I have updated the's message board to a new forum site. We now have 38 members. This is a great way for you to get involved and contribute to the site. Post your pictures, ideas, and suggestions on how to make the site even better. continues to grow. We now have over 1230 members to the site. The site is celebrated its 1 year birthday in May 2009. Overall we have had 2 million pages views since it was first created. I have to thank my friend Mike for the idea. Thanks Mike. I appreciate all the support and if you have any ideas on how I can make even better please let me know.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bakuneon Season 2 Bakugan are invading; Issue 9

New Bakuneon: Well it has been a while since I have written a new issue of Andy's news. Things have been really crazy in the world of Bakugan since the last issue. I have been trying to keep the site up to date with all of the changes it has been busy. The main thing driving us all crazy is the emergence of Bakuneon! Bakuneon have taken over the world. Well at least my world. It has really been hard to keep up with all of the new Bakuneon that have been showing up on the web. The site now has several pages dedicated to Bakuneon. A Bakuneon pictures page, a Bakuneon list, a Bakuneon Season 2 Characters page and I have also split the Bakuneon cards into their own page.

Bakuneon names and pictures: Here are some of the names to expect to see coming out soon in the world of Bakuneon. Dolia, Mermadon, Killroy, Spiritroid (New series features ghost Bakugan), Tarblando, Hawklea, Faroh, Volta, Kiosk Centipoid (Evolved Centipoid), Tarkan, Vammra, Beatla, Motra, Medusar, Squia, Triacosauras (Evoved Saurus), Waywer, Catom, Nanta, Mega Nemus. You can see the Bakuneon pictures on my site.

Bakugan Trap: Did you know that there are 5 versions or Bakugan Trap! Count them. What will they think of next. I think the world was total confused by the first square trap and now we have 5 versions of Bakugan Trap. Scorpion Trap, Tripod Epsilon, Pythantius (spelling), Carlsnault (spelling), Zoack (which was the first trap that is now for sale in the U.S picture contest: I just finished the first Bakugan picture contest. There were 3 winners in the first contest. Connor, Ant, and John all won free Bakugan prizes. Pretty cool. I am running another picture contest. All you have to do is be a member of and submit your pictures of your Bakugan. I will post them to the web and then we will vote on them. The winners will receive free Bakugan stuff! Chat: I added a Bakugan chat feature to the site. Now all of the Bakugan fans can get together and chat about all of the lastest changes in the world of Vestroia.

New Vestroia characters: What do Ace, Percival, Baron, Nemus, Dan, Neo Drago, Gus, Vulcan, Lync, Altair, Marucho, Elfin, Mira, Wilda, Mylene, Elico, Shadow, Hades, Shun, Ingram, Spectra, Viper Helios, Volt and Brontes all have in common? That's right they are all part of the Season 2 Bakugan New Vestroia. So now you can enjoy all of the cool pictures of the new Bakuneon and check out some of the new characters for Bakugan Season 2 New Vestroia. continues to grow. We now have 739 members to the site. The site is getting over 330,000 page views a month. I appreciate all the support and if you have any ideas on how I can make even better please let me know.

Saturday, February 14, 2009 Andy' Bakugan News Issue 8 - Season 2 Bakugan

Well it has been a while since my last post which was on January 24, 2008. Happy Valentines day to everyone. I don't think they make chocolate Bakugan yet, do they? I am sure they will soon. This week has been an incredible week for new Bakugan toys news. Just amazing the amount of new stuff that has come out this week.

Free Bakugan Stuff: This weeks winner of the free Bakugan stuff is Garet. Make sure you tell your friends to register for free newsletter. You can't win if you are not getting the newsletter each week.

I was over at my cousins the other day and I was asking him if he saw the new updates to my website. He said your website never changes. I was kind of disappointed since it is updated and changes every week. So I have decided to add a what's new section to the home page so everyone can clearly see in a picture format some of the new product that has been added to So here we go, here is what's new at

Season 2 Bakugan: This week everyone started to discover the new Season 2 Bakugan. Previously we only had Bakugan Trap in our season 2 list. Now there at least six to eight additional Season 2 Bakugan out on the web. Not all of the names are known yet however, here are the names that we know so far, Klawger, Leefram, Scraper. The name of Season 2 Bakugan shown below is unknown. Make sure you visit the new Season 2 page and if you know the names of the rest of them please email me.

Bakugan spin: I have added some new pictures to the Spin Bakugan page. Also make sure you check out the cool video of the Bakugan Spin in action. Right now there are 2 Bakugan Spin the Spin Dragonoid and Spin Ravenoid. They are really pretty cool.

Dual Headed or 2 Sided Preyas:
Have you seen the new Dual Headed or Two Side Preyas. This is one of the coolest Bakugan ever. I have given Preyas is own page so make sure you check out the new two sided Preyas in the Preyas collection page.

Bakugan Games: I update the Bakugan Games page. There is a new Bakugan Board Game called Bakubrawl. This game looks like a combination of Stratego and Checkers or Chess.

Everything Bakugan Section:
The navigation on the website was getting a little unwheeledly so I split it up a little. I now have a new section called Everything Bakugan. Here you will find all of the extra Bakugan stuff that is not directly associated with playing the Bakugan game. Check it out and let me know what you think. They even came out with Bakugan Dinnerware.

I have completely updated the Bakugan Case page. Here you will find all kinds of ways to display or carry your Bakugan collection around. There is a new Bakugan Dislay case that is really cool. You can buy a bunch of them and they connect together. It is a perfect way to display all of your Bakugan.

Bakugan Sleds: I recently discovered the new Bakugan sleds. They are really cool and if you still have snow where you live you might have some time riding your new Bakugan Sled.

Bakugan pictures: Of course as always I have updated the Bakugan picture page with all kinds of new Bakugan pictures.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. We now have 559 registered members to the site and we are getting 210,000 page views per month to the site. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or ideas for the site please let me know. I want to keep adding to the site to make it the best Bakugan site out there.

Saturday, January 24, 2009 Andy' Bakugan News Issue 7

Hello Bakugan fans! Welcome to this weeks issue of Andy's Bakugan News from It is still winter here. We keep getting more snow and it has been too cold most of the time to go out and enjoy it. This morning it is only 4 Degrees. On with this weeks Bakugan news. I have made a ton of updates to the site over the last two weeks so here they are.

Dragonoid spin: I have added Dragonoid Spin to the Bakugan list page. However I don't have one so I am not sure if I have the right picture or not. Please send me your pictures of Spin Bakugan and I will add them to the site. According to some sites when you put a spin Bakugan on the card it actually spins. Does anyone have a video of a Spin Bakugan in action that they could send me. Here is another picture that I found of a Spin Dragonoid.

Shopping update: The other day when I was shopping in Meijer's I always like to cruise through the toys section to see what new Bakugan toys they might have. Before I arrived at the toy section I stopped by the sports card section and noticed they had a huge number of imported Japanese Bakugan toys. These Bakugan seemed a little smaller so I am guessing they were B1 series vs the new bigger B2 Bakugan. They also appeared to be pretty expensive. One Bakugan was $10 and a 3 pack was $25. Anyway just a tip that if you find Bakugan hard to get in your local store sometimes you can check the sports card section and find a whole new set.

Custom Bakugan: now includes a page dedicated to Custom Bakugan. They Bakugan have insanely high G ratings. Some of the Bakugan have G ratings of almost 100 Million G. Amazing.

Character Packs:
I have just added the new Bakugan Character packs to the site. With this pack you get a Bakugan ball, matching Bakugan card, and the matching Bakugan Action figure. Unfortunately I think they might have created this character pack to get rid of all the Bakugan Action figures. I never see anyone buying these do you?

New Bakugan Trap: I have added the new Bakugan Trap to the site. I think this is just the first Bakugan in the Trap series. Does anyone know what the name of this Bakugan is? Does anyone have a picture of the Bakugan Trap outside of the package? All of the pictures are of this Bakugan in captivity of the plastic bubble pack. Below you will find a picture of the Bakugan Trap Darkon or Black version.

New Bakugan Arena: I have added the Bakubowl to the Bakugan Arena section. The new Bakubowl is a pretty nice arena with a separate area for holding your Bakugan and the Bakugan cards. I have also split the Bakugan Arena section into 3 pages so each arena has it's own page now.

New Individual Bakugan: I have started to build out individual pages for each and every Bakugan. I only have 3 done so far. Make sure you check out the Dragonoid, Fear Ripper, and Bakugan Trap pages. These pages will be refered to as collection, for example Dragonoid collection.

Dual Attribute Bakugan: I have added some new pictures to the Bakugan Dual Attribute page. The dual attribute Bakugan seem to be a more readily available now.

Bakugan Mega Keychain: Bakugan Keychains are now available on There are 3 versions of the new Bakugan Mega Keychain available. They do look pretty cool.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. We now have 472 registered members to the site and we are getting almost 170,000 page views per month to the site. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or ideas for the site please let me know. I want to keep adding to the site to make it the best Bakugan site out there.

Sunday, January 11, 2009 Andy' Bakugan News Issue 6

Hello everyone from! Happy New Year! It sure is winter here we have been getting a ton of snow. I haven't had a chance to write a new Bakugan news issue since 12/21/08. I got really busy just before Christmas. I am sure you all know how that goes. I hope everyone had a great holiday and you got everything that you wanted. Especially Bakugan stuff. :)

? Question from Fans ?

I have several questions from fans this week. The first question comes from Richard. They bought a bunch of Bakugan for their son this Christmas and Richard used the Bakugan list on to figure out the names of most of the Bakugan. However this one is still in question. Can anyone confirm with Bakugan this is? BTW: Why don't they put the name of Bakugan on the packages?

The second questions comes from John. I posted it on the forum however no one answered it yet. Here is the question or questions from John.

  1. What happens when my 3 marbles on three separate cards and my opponent still have marbles to roll? Does he keep rolling until a battle ensues?
  2. What is HSP and how is it used?
  3. What happens when a marble misses the cards?
  4. How does the game end?
What's new at

I have several updates that I wanted to share with everyone. So here they are!

Bakugan watches: Brand new this week to is the page on Bakugan Watches. These new Bakugan watches are really nice. One version comes in 12 different colors and there are boys and girls versions of the Bakugan Watch. The other versions feature some of your favorite Bakugans on the face of the watch.

Bakugan shoes: For those of you who have been looking for Bakugan shoes they seemed to have caught up on the inventories now so if you are looking for them they are available now.

New Bakugan Clear: I have added new pictures to the Bakugan Clear page including the new Clear El-Condor.

Dual Attribute Bakugan: I received a fantastic picture of the Dual Attribute Dragonoid from Eliot that is featured on the Bakugan Dual Attribute page as well as the Bakugan pics page. Thanks for the picture Eliot. The dual attribute Bakugan seem to be more readily available now which is good so make sure you check out our page to see what is new.

New Bakugan on the Bakugan list: I added added Sirenoid, Evolved Skress, and Hammer Gorem to the Bakugan list page just before new years.

Bakugan pictures: I have added several new pictures to the Bakugan Pictures page. If you have your own pictures that you would like me to add to the site please email them to me. Some of my best Bakugan pics come from the members of this site. For those of you that have contributed thank you very much.

I found a really cool picture of a Bakugan Deka Series. It looks like the Deka is either protecting the other Bakugan or ready to destroy them.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. We now have 435 register members (up 100 since last month) to the site and we are getting almost 200,000 page views per month (up 50,000 versus last month) to the site. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or ideas for the site please let me know. I want to keep adding to the site to make it the best Bakugan site out there. Happy New Year to everyone.