Saturday, February 14, 2009 Andy' Bakugan News Issue 8 - Season 2 Bakugan

Well it has been a while since my last post which was on January 24, 2008. Happy Valentines day to everyone. I don't think they make chocolate Bakugan yet, do they? I am sure they will soon. This week has been an incredible week for new Bakugan toys news. Just amazing the amount of new stuff that has come out this week.

Free Bakugan Stuff: This weeks winner of the free Bakugan stuff is Garet. Make sure you tell your friends to register for free newsletter. You can't win if you are not getting the newsletter each week.

I was over at my cousins the other day and I was asking him if he saw the new updates to my website. He said your website never changes. I was kind of disappointed since it is updated and changes every week. So I have decided to add a what's new section to the home page so everyone can clearly see in a picture format some of the new product that has been added to So here we go, here is what's new at

Season 2 Bakugan: This week everyone started to discover the new Season 2 Bakugan. Previously we only had Bakugan Trap in our season 2 list. Now there at least six to eight additional Season 2 Bakugan out on the web. Not all of the names are known yet however, here are the names that we know so far, Klawger, Leefram, Scraper. The name of Season 2 Bakugan shown below is unknown. Make sure you visit the new Season 2 page and if you know the names of the rest of them please email me.

Bakugan spin: I have added some new pictures to the Spin Bakugan page. Also make sure you check out the cool video of the Bakugan Spin in action. Right now there are 2 Bakugan Spin the Spin Dragonoid and Spin Ravenoid. They are really pretty cool.

Dual Headed or 2 Sided Preyas:
Have you seen the new Dual Headed or Two Side Preyas. This is one of the coolest Bakugan ever. I have given Preyas is own page so make sure you check out the new two sided Preyas in the Preyas collection page.

Bakugan Games: I update the Bakugan Games page. There is a new Bakugan Board Game called Bakubrawl. This game looks like a combination of Stratego and Checkers or Chess.

Everything Bakugan Section:
The navigation on the website was getting a little unwheeledly so I split it up a little. I now have a new section called Everything Bakugan. Here you will find all of the extra Bakugan stuff that is not directly associated with playing the Bakugan game. Check it out and let me know what you think. They even came out with Bakugan Dinnerware.

I have completely updated the Bakugan Case page. Here you will find all kinds of ways to display or carry your Bakugan collection around. There is a new Bakugan Dislay case that is really cool. You can buy a bunch of them and they connect together. It is a perfect way to display all of your Bakugan.

Bakugan Sleds: I recently discovered the new Bakugan sleds. They are really cool and if you still have snow where you live you might have some time riding your new Bakugan Sled.

Bakugan pictures: Of course as always I have updated the Bakugan picture page with all kinds of new Bakugan pictures.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. We now have 559 registered members to the site and we are getting 210,000 page views per month to the site. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or ideas for the site please let me know. I want to keep adding to the site to make it the best Bakugan site out there.


Anonymous said...

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Kashfiya said...

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