Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bakuneon Season 2 Bakugan are invading; Issue 9

New Bakuneon: Well it has been a while since I have written a new issue of Andy's news. Things have been really crazy in the world of Bakugan since the last issue. I have been trying to keep the site up to date with all of the changes it has been busy. The main thing driving us all crazy is the emergence of Bakuneon! Bakuneon have taken over the world. Well at least my world. It has really been hard to keep up with all of the new Bakuneon that have been showing up on the web. The site now has several pages dedicated to Bakuneon. A Bakuneon pictures page, a Bakuneon list, a Bakuneon Season 2 Characters page and I have also split the Bakuneon cards into their own page.

Bakuneon names and pictures: Here are some of the names to expect to see coming out soon in the world of Bakuneon. Dolia, Mermadon, Killroy, Spiritroid (New series features ghost Bakugan), Tarblando, Hawklea, Faroh, Volta, Kiosk Centipoid (Evolved Centipoid), Tarkan, Vammra, Beatla, Motra, Medusar, Squia, Triacosauras (Evoved Saurus), Waywer, Catom, Nanta, Mega Nemus. You can see the Bakuneon pictures on my site.

Bakugan Trap: Did you know that there are 5 versions or Bakugan Trap! Count them. What will they think of next. I think the world was total confused by the first square trap and now we have 5 versions of Bakugan Trap. Scorpion Trap, Tripod Epsilon, Pythantius (spelling), Carlsnault (spelling), Zoack (which was the first trap that is now for sale in the U.S picture contest: I just finished the first Bakugan picture contest. There were 3 winners in the first contest. Connor, Ant, and John all won free Bakugan prizes. Pretty cool. I am running another picture contest. All you have to do is be a member of and submit your pictures of your Bakugan. I will post them to the web and then we will vote on them. The winners will receive free Bakugan stuff! Chat: I added a Bakugan chat feature to the site. Now all of the Bakugan fans can get together and chat about all of the lastest changes in the world of Vestroia.

New Vestroia characters: What do Ace, Percival, Baron, Nemus, Dan, Neo Drago, Gus, Vulcan, Lync, Altair, Marucho, Elfin, Mira, Wilda, Mylene, Elico, Shadow, Hades, Shun, Ingram, Spectra, Viper Helios, Volt and Brontes all have in common? That's right they are all part of the Season 2 Bakugan New Vestroia. So now you can enjoy all of the cool pictures of the new Bakuneon and check out some of the new characters for Bakugan Season 2 New Vestroia. continues to grow. We now have 739 members to the site. The site is getting over 330,000 page views a month. I appreciate all the support and if you have any ideas on how I can make even better please let me know.