Sunday, January 11, 2009 Andy' Bakugan News Issue 6

Hello everyone from! Happy New Year! It sure is winter here we have been getting a ton of snow. I haven't had a chance to write a new Bakugan news issue since 12/21/08. I got really busy just before Christmas. I am sure you all know how that goes. I hope everyone had a great holiday and you got everything that you wanted. Especially Bakugan stuff. :)

? Question from Fans ?

I have several questions from fans this week. The first question comes from Richard. They bought a bunch of Bakugan for their son this Christmas and Richard used the Bakugan list on to figure out the names of most of the Bakugan. However this one is still in question. Can anyone confirm with Bakugan this is? BTW: Why don't they put the name of Bakugan on the packages?

The second questions comes from John. I posted it on the forum however no one answered it yet. Here is the question or questions from John.

  1. What happens when my 3 marbles on three separate cards and my opponent still have marbles to roll? Does he keep rolling until a battle ensues?
  2. What is HSP and how is it used?
  3. What happens when a marble misses the cards?
  4. How does the game end?
What's new at

I have several updates that I wanted to share with everyone. So here they are!

Bakugan watches: Brand new this week to is the page on Bakugan Watches. These new Bakugan watches are really nice. One version comes in 12 different colors and there are boys and girls versions of the Bakugan Watch. The other versions feature some of your favorite Bakugans on the face of the watch.

Bakugan shoes: For those of you who have been looking for Bakugan shoes they seemed to have caught up on the inventories now so if you are looking for them they are available now.

New Bakugan Clear: I have added new pictures to the Bakugan Clear page including the new Clear El-Condor.

Dual Attribute Bakugan: I received a fantastic picture of the Dual Attribute Dragonoid from Eliot that is featured on the Bakugan Dual Attribute page as well as the Bakugan pics page. Thanks for the picture Eliot. The dual attribute Bakugan seem to be more readily available now which is good so make sure you check out our page to see what is new.

New Bakugan on the Bakugan list: I added added Sirenoid, Evolved Skress, and Hammer Gorem to the Bakugan list page just before new years.

Bakugan pictures: I have added several new pictures to the Bakugan Pictures page. If you have your own pictures that you would like me to add to the site please email them to me. Some of my best Bakugan pics come from the members of this site. For those of you that have contributed thank you very much.

I found a really cool picture of a Bakugan Deka Series. It looks like the Deka is either protecting the other Bakugan or ready to destroy them.

Thanks again to all the fans and members of The site continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. We now have 435 register members (up 100 since last month) to the site and we are getting almost 200,000 page views per month (up 50,000 versus last month) to the site. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or ideas for the site please let me know. I want to keep adding to the site to make it the best Bakugan site out there. Happy New Year to everyone.

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Shiro said...

That pic is a Storm Skyress aka an evolved Skyress.